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Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Concussions


Many people endure concussions, a form of traumatic brain injury, due to one or other reasons. Mental imbalance, accidents, anxiety disorder, etc. contribute to concussions. Most individuals think that those injuries might be minor. However, the mechanism of such injuries leads to the brain getting jolted against the skull, causing severe damages to brain cells. Plus, these injuries can also result in biochemical changes that could have long-term, devastating effects. As such, treating concussions early turns out to be a better bet. It’s here hyperbaric oxygen therapy comes into the picture. Let’s find out the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for concussions.

Accelerates blood supply

Tiny vessels supply blood to the brain and surrounding parts. Even a minor injury can block such arteries from carrying out their functions. When that happens, the injured person bears acute pain. The patient may even lose his mental state of mind.

Hyperbaric therapy helps alleviate the pain by accelerating blood supply. The process pumps up oxygen in arteries and veins, which in turn removes blockages. Once the arteries get free, blood vessels get expanded. Expanded vessels carry more blood toward the brain and surrounding parts, necessary for optimal brain functioning.

Repairs damaged tissues

Brain and surrounding parts contain tiny tissues. These fragile tissues sustain serious damages even in a minor mishap. Damaged tissues can affect brain functioning. This is mostly the case after an accident. Doctors usually seek quick tissue repair to avoid further damage.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy plays a key role in repairing tissues. Firstly, the therapy makes up for the loss of oxygen supply in the blood. Not just that, the process boosts oxygen supply multiple times. Enhanced oxygen flow within the body paves the path for quick and efficient tissue repair.

Ensures speedy recovery

Due to acute mental stress or an accident, the immunity system of the injured weakens. Even worse, the supply of oxygen gets hindered. Patients whose brain and other critical parts get damaged need extra oxygen. That’s the reason you see critical patients lying on oxygen ventilators during treatment. Many patients succumb to brain injuries due to the lack of extra oxygen.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy steps in for the much-needed supply. As well as meeting the minimum oxygen supply requirements, the therapy provides excess oxygen. With extra oxygen, the immunity system gets enriched. Not just that, excess oxygen boosts recovery. In the end, the patient heals in less time.


Many people with brain injury die due to the lack of funds. The reason – most treatment options warrant huge money. Not everyone possesses enough funds for treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy resolves this problem. It’s extremely affordable. Even an average working individual can afford the cost of the treatment.

Bottom line

Concussions can lead to extreme pain and serious injuries. If not healed on time, the patient could succumb to those injuries. However, timely administration of hyperbaric therapy can reverse the condition quickly. Speedy recovery, repairing of the damaged tissues, boosted blood supply, etc. are the main benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for concussions. This is why most surgeons recommend this innovative therapy for concussions.