Man smoking E-Cigarette.

Those who are familiar with Lady Gaga, Zayn Malik, Robert Pattinson, Katherine Heigl, and Chris Brown may not be aware of the fact that all of them smoke บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า. However, they may not know the different brands and flavors of e-cigarettes that are available. Then there’s the fact that most of these celebrities smoke e-cigarettes in public.

Robert Pattinson

Whether they are trying to kick the smoking habit or simply want to enjoy vaping without sacrificing their health, these celebrities have found a way to do it. Vaping is a safe and more socially acceptable alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Robert Pattinson has recently started vaping. He has been spotted with a smokeless stop-smoking gadget, a black vape pen, and a refillable starter kit. In August, he quit smoking cigarettes.

Johnny Depp is another celebrity who vapes. The actor is known for playing e-cigarette-loving characters on-screen. He also vapes in his free time. He has also been spotted using his own line of e-cigarettes.

Another vaping celebrity is Katy Perry. She has been spotted with a vape pen at the Golden Globes. She also uses a refillable starter kit. She has also been seen at the premiere of the movie Cosmopolis.

Katherine Heigl

Getting your fill of nicotine without actually lighting up a cigarette may be possible with an electronic cigarette. These devices produce a steam-like puff of “smoke” that is harmless to others.

The Emmy Award-winning actress also makes use of an electric cigarette accessory called a SmokeStik. A portion of the proceeds goes to the charity of her choice, the dog rescue group she and her husband, Josh Kelley, are involved with. The cigarette aficionado has not lit up a regular tobacco cigarette in six months. She credits SmokeStik with helping her kick the smoking habit.

Lady Gaga

Whether you’re a fan of the pop princess or a skeptic, one can’t deny that Lady Gaga has been on the scene for some time now. The pop princess has been the subject of many a tongue-in-cheek snarky tweet, but she’s also a techie and a fashionista. The singer’s latest offering, The Fame, is all about the fashion industry. She stars in the titular role and is accompanied by a veritable who’s who of Hollywood’s top guns. And, of course, the pop princess has a lot to live up to.

While Gaga has opted for the sexier route, her signature style hasn’t been shy about displaying it. Her ensembles have been jaw-dropping, to say the least. In addition to her on-stage looks, her wardrobe has been spotted in public places, proving that the pop princess is not exactly an easy girl to catch. And, of course, her sexiness hasn’t slowed down her tech-savvy ways.

Zayn Malik

Earlier this year, it was reported that former One Direction member Zayn Malik smoked e-cigarettes. He has been seen vaping on several occasions. This news caused mixed reactions on social media.

According to sources, the e-cigarettes that Zayn is smoking are a part of his new lifestyle. He recently released a new album. He has been dating model Gigi Hadid for the past two years. They are reportedly going from strength to strength. They are actively promoting their new album.