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Is Mecomin vitamin B12?


Humans are living organisms and have a complex body system. This means we can never run away from getting sick at any point of our life because as humans, we are not the only living organisms alive and we will always be interacting with other organisms regardless of whether seen or not seen by the naked eyes. As humans evolve, so does knowledge. We now know medicine helps us to live better and healthier, thus improving human survival rate and increasing life expectancy.  The importance of vitamins in humans was discovered almost a century ago. Health and wellness industries have come up with so many kinds of products and supplements all year long to help people achieve optimal health. One of the famous health supplements in the current market is Mecomin capsule.

Is Mecomin a vitamin B12? Yes, that is right! Vitamin B is divided into 8 different types and each are essentials for the body. In other words, vitamin B12 is a part of vitamin B. To get full benefits of vitamin B, you can search for products containing all of the 8 types by reading the label or simply look for vitamin B complex. You must have been wondering, if such a vitamin B complex exists and already helps fulfil the vitamin B body needs, why should Mecomin exist and what are the differences?

Mecomin contains high doses of mecobalamin or vitamin B12 while vitamin B complex contains all 8 types of vitamin B with dosages according to Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) or Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI). RNI is a term used in Malaysia which corresponds to RDA made by the United States, both acts as a guide for healthy nutrition status by meeting nutrients requirements through daily intake diet. In general, vitamin B has been known to improve brain functions such as better brain cognitive function, enhance mood and lessening symptoms among depressive or anxiety patients, lowering risk of acquiring heart diseases and preventing cases of anaemia such as in pregnancy or people with chronic diseases such as kidney problems.

Logically, where does Mecomin stand for if vitamin B complex has already offered so many benefits? Mecomin is specifically targeted for people with diabetes, looking to improve or help with nerve problems. Diabetes is a disease which not only means a high sugar level in the body, it also means an invitation for an array of diseases and infection. It compromises the nerve system and causes poor blood circulation of the whole body. Sadly, most diabetes patients will only acknowledge the damages when they feel abnormal sensation or paresthesia such as tingling, pin and needle pricking, numbness and burning of the limb. Unlucky patients might also end up losing sensation of their limb, causing them to easily get injury or cuts especially the feet which causes wounds that would not heal easily. Some unfortunate patients would be forced to choose either to save their limbs or their lives. Since Mecomin contains high vitamin B12, it will greatly help the nerve systems for these patients by reducing the inflammation due to the damaged nerve, helps repair affected nerve, protects the nerve from future damages and helps improve nerve system in general.

Although it seems Mecomin much likely helps people to improve the nerve system, people diagnosed with anaemia due to deficiency of vitamin B12 can also take Mecomin, given after discussions with physicians. Mecomin is considered safe for most people except those known to have allergic reactions to vitamin B12. Minimal side effects have been reported such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite or headache.