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Going Through Trouble in Hearing Properly – Here is the Series of Tests and Treatments that’ll Help You


Ears help in maintaining the body’s balance. If, for any reason, the hearing quality and tendency changes abnormally, you’re bound to experience any or all the below-listed problems. 

  • You won’t be able to maintain the balance while walking. 
  • Movement of any sort will make you dizzy and nauseous. 
  • You’ll be unable to guide your way in darkness.
  • You’ll develop a fear of walking due to the fear of taking a fall. 
  • Visual stimulation will leave you misbalanced and dizzy. 
  • You, most likely, will not be able to walk in a straight line. 
  • You might start hearing a constant ringing noise in your ears that just won’t stop. 

Now, if you’re actually experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s essential that you visit a good audiologist at clinics like the Audiology Centre West clinic. 

The audiologists at this reputable clinic will be able to suggest relevant hearing tests and screenings to find out the problem in order to fix it properly. Some of those tests and treatments are listed below. Have a look! 

  1. Tinnitus Assessment and Evaluation 

If you’re hearing buzzing or ringing sound in your ears in the absence of a sound source, you’re required to fill a TFI questionnaire that the audiologists use to suggest corrective therapies listed below.

  • Tinnitus Habituation Therapy
  • Zen Therapy 
  1. Auditory Processing Disorder and Treatment 

This is a condition that makes the patient sensitive to sounds of certain frequencies more than they should be. As a result, though these patients have a normal hearing, they get agitated and experience difficulty in being able to frame coherent auditory patterns when exposed to frequencies they are sensitive to. The test used to find out whether or not you suffer from APD is the peripheral auditory test.

Once determined that you’re indeed suffering from this condition, the audiologists at Audiology Centre West use multiple therapeutic tools (for example, FM for children who go to school) for correction.

  1. Balance Disorders and Treatment Therapies

The different tests that audiologists at this clinic use to determine if you’re suffering from any kind of balance related hearing disorder are as follows. 

  • Vidéonystagmograhy examination 
  • Visual tests
  • Oscillopsia evaluation
  • Benign positional paroxysmal vertigo evaluation 

The results are used to determine how advanced the condition is and the following therapies are suggested accordingly. 

  • Repositional Maneuver for the BVVP problems.
  • Initial vestibulation rehabilitation plan for mild cases. 
  • Personalized vestibulation rehabilitation plan for moderate cases.
  • Long-term personalized vestibulation rehabilitation plan for severe cases. 

You can have a look at all these rehabilitation programs in detail on their website, Audiology Centre West.